The Lilith Project: Policies & More

Here are the goals of The Lilith Project:

1. Bring an ethical form of sex education to Quebec high schools, also spread awareness on the reality of protection against STI’s, as well as learning the definition of consent, and sexual identity.

Due to the 2008 education reform imposed by the Charest Government, Quebec is now the only province in Canada without sex education in high schools. With recent cases involving Rehtaeh Parsons and the Steubenville trial these are few examples on why this program is dire for all high school students, and also why it is an important conversation for our society as a whole.

2. Keep abortion legal in Canada by emphasizing pro-choice values.

In autumn 2012, the Canadian Federal Government voted on a motion for whether or not to reopen the abortion debate. With the Minister for Status of Women, Rona Ambrose, voting in favor of the motion, this was just one example on how the current government is unwilling to represent its female population. Since then, there have been two “pro-life” protests taking place outside the House of Commons, with the media thus failing to represent the pro-choice point-of-view, leading a very strategic way to attempt to regress fundamental human rights our country is based on.

3. Advocate for equal pay between men and women.

In Canada, the average woman still makes at least $ 0.72 to the $1.00 a man will make for the same position in her line of work. While this is an age-old debate since the suffragists that many tire to hear, it still is an issue that has not been fully dealt with.

4. Alter the media’s views on women.

This is a goal that goes beyond legal action or government policy- this involves the participation of anyone willing. From typecasting in the film industry, abuse or discrimination glorified in everyday television and media images, all this will only change when the artists showcasing these negative stereotypes are acknowledged. Freedom of expression also means freedom of knowledge.

5. Analyze how the legal system handles assault cases, and discussing ways to prevent assault.

Why do so many assault cases go unreported? Why the survivors are often treated as the criminals? What causes these situations to happen in the way people are influenced to harass someone else, so people can know how to prevent these situations from taking place at all?